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Combination tool for 10/22® Extractor Servicing & Bolt Installation!


Used for compressing and holding the 10/22® bolt handle/recoil spring in it's compressed position while you easily insert the bolt, and for removing & installing that pesky extractor. Makes extractor disassembly and bolt re-assembly after cleaning, much easier.

One end of this terrific tool is an Extractor Removal/Installation Tool. It easily compresses the extractor plunger and spring, and safely holds it in place, while you easily remove, or re-install the extractor.

The other end of the tool compresses and holds the handle/recoil spring assembly in it's compressed state, allowing you to easily re- install the bolt. Makes a tricky job much easier!

CNC machined from solid Alumium, with Stainless Steel pins on the extractor tool end. Has a "Hang up Hole" in the end for hangup at your workbench. Easily fits in your "Shootin' box" too!

This is Absolutely the Neatest Tool Ever Made for the 

Extremely Popular Ruger® 10/22®  Nothing compares to it!




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