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The Rock Solid Bedding™ System is a unique method for anchoring a 10/22® action in a stock. It consists of a Bedblock™- recoil lug/barrel retainer block, and a hidden rear hold down Bedbutton™.


The Bedblock™ prevents a typically loose fitting 10/22® action from moving back and forth and sideways under recoil from the bolt reciprocating back and forth when shooting. The Bedblock™ gets inletted and molded into epoxy in the stock. It features an angled set screw to push the barrel up slightly to eliminate the common barrel sag, or “droop”, which is caused by a loose fitting barrel shank and factory V- Block pulling a loose barrel downward. The angled set screw pushes up against the included dowel pin which lays in the “birdmouth” cut of the barrel. 

The Bedblock™ replaces the factory V- Block. The block is installed on the rifle by filing back the sharp edge “Birdsbeak" part of the barrel, which creates a flat area that allows the block to push back against the barrel, keeping it tight to the receiver barrel face. The block is inletted into the stock and epoxy bedded. The Bedblock™ has 4 tapered sides to allow easy removal from the stock after the epoxy has cured.

The Bedbutton™ is glued into a 3/16" diameter hole which has been drilled in the receiver rear. It positively locks down the rear of the action, with no unsightly protrusions or stock inletting of external rear lugs. A recess is drilled into the stock inside rear to allow the button to be set in epoxy. After the epoxy has cured, the receiver is lifted from the stock, and the button remains in the receiver. The Bedbutton™ is completely hidden when the rifle is assembled, and locks down the rear of the receiver. Thorough instructions are included.


Below is an installation video to my older style Bedlock™ System for reference. The basic installation is very similar to the newer Rock Solid Bedding™ System. 


Sorry, but the original Bedbutton™ style shown in the video is no longer available.


Gunsmither™ - Rock Solid Bedding™ System for 10/22®

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