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Unique Gunsmither™ Tool for Ruger® .22 Pistol Disassembly!


A splendid little tool to ease the disassembly of the popular Ruger MKI, MKII, MKIII .22 Semi- Automatic Pistols. This elegant, Gunsmither™ Tool makes opening the takedown latch a snap ! It also serves as a punch, to drive out tight, stubborn bolt stops, and it also has a self contained tool for removing that pesky extractor! Sized to fit your shooting box, or in your pocket. This excellent tool was designed and is manufactured by a Professional Gunsmith on modern CNC machine tools. If you own a Ruger® .22 Auto Pistol, you'll love this tool! Also useful for the newest MKIV extractor servicing.

Main tool body / punch is CNC machined from rugged, non- marring Delrin.The latch pull loop is heavy duty, braided stainless steel wire. The loop, and the tempered steel extractor tool are affixed to an Aluminum cap that screws into the top of the tool. 

Use the wire loop to pull open the latch on the mainspring housing. Use the punch with a small shop hammer, to drive out the bolt stop/ mainspring housing. Grasp bolt in one hand, and compress extractor plunger with extractor tool as in photo, and remove with small pliers. 

The Pistol Pal™ also functions as a magazine loading assistant on MKI & MKII Model magazines. Does not work on MKIII mags, as they have a different style button.




Note: Actual items appearance may differ slightly from these photo's.

MKI-III Pistol Pal™ Tool