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UNIQUE, PATENTED, ANGLE FINDER  that makes it easy to match the contours of your gunstock. Even if you've never fit a recoil pad before, you'll do it with ease with the "PAD PAL™". 

A High Quality, 100% MADE IN USA - GUNSMITHER™ Tool!

Easily pay's for itself in one or two pad mounting job's. A real time, money, and headache saver! 

Easily adjust the Angle Finder to your stock angle and lock it in place. Pad attaches to the jig, using the pads own mounting screws, with included "wing nuts". No need to remove the pad screws, and insert different jig mounting screws, like other jigs on the market. There is much less chance of tearing the rubber with the "Pad Pal" because the mounting screws go in the pad once only, whereas other pad jigs require putting them in and out twice, and putting separate jig mounting screws in and out, also, with great risk of tearing the pad screw slots! No need for a "third hand" either, to try and juggle a square, while holding the stock, and the jig at the same time!

The Pad Pal™ Jig allows you to easily grind a recoil pad to shape using a belt, or disc sander, with no risk of marring, or ruining the stock! 

It's very "USER FRIENDLY" - much easier to use than other jigs!

CNC machined from strong, Aircraft Quality Aluminum. The Pad Pal™ base has built in 1/8" and 1/4" DRILL GUIDANCE HOLES. 1/4" guide is for enlarging a stocks existing pad screw holes for filling in with a 1/4" wooden dowel, to allow re- positioning of the pad mounting screw holes. Has 1/8" guide for drilling new screw holes. 1/8" Drill guide keeps screw hole perfectly perpendicular with the buttstock for a clean installation every time.

It also comes with something you won't find on many items nowadays; VERY THOROUGH INSTRUCTIONS; for beginners, or "Old Pro's", alike.


Note: Actual item may appear slightly different than these photo's.


Pad Pal™ Recoil Pad Jig