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The ViseSmith™ is a UNIQUE, GUNSMITH DESIGNED TOOL for removing and tightening the extractor rod on Smith and Wesson® J, K, L, & N Frame Revolvers. It will not work on X- Frame, and newer models

K and N Frame models with X-Frame diameter extractor rods.

The ViseSmith™ is used to safely tighten a loose extractor rod, which can lock up your gun, making it inoperable. It also serves to safely dis-assemble the extractor rod for cleaning, ending the use of makeshift tools. It locks onto the cylinder rod, and - Will not mar the cylinder rod finish!

Features a custom machined collet style insert wedded to a locking vise pliers. Detailed instructions included. Very simple, and convenient to use. Nothing compares to it! Other tools on the market that are made to do this job cost nearly as much, and some way more, but don't offer anywhere near as much gripping power, nor can they match the convenience of this tool! 

There is no finer tool available for this delicate job!



ViseSmith™ - a unique extractor rod tool for S&W® Revolvers